Our projects

A list of some of our projects:

  • Networked RGB - lighting systems for megayachts based on LED technology.
  • Crystal pyramids with 300,000 LEDs and control their own private palace of the Sultan of Oman. Total output 32 KVA, controlled by 1000 Microcontrolern.
  • Smart metering and display for gas, water and electricity.
  • Innovative Diagnostics in Clinical Nutrition by bioelectrical impedance analysis.
  • Skin treatment apparatus devices for Meso, Myo, EMS and cold light laser applications.
  • Skin treatment apparatus devices for lighting applications (Bio-Lift).
  • PLC connection with private GPRS modem to servers on the Web and search through apps.
  • Design, construction and commissioning of Measurement and Control Technology in aircraft engine test rigs of Rolls-Royce Germany, MTU Aero Engines, Snecma Groupe SAFRAN, Techspace Aero, ITP Industry de Turbo Probulsores.
    This engine (TP400-D6) is a new development for the military version of the Airbus A400M and was put into operation with our system technology for the first time in October 2005.
  • Custom systems for quality control of suppliers to the automotive industry for coil springs (airbag accessories) with a total of 48 measurement channels, 16 bit resolution and sampling rates - 0.5 ms. The system is controlled with 17 networked processors and has a total power of 2.2 kVA.
  • Electronic and pneumatic controls for mixing and filling of yogurt in 4-Pack (England).
  • Components of machine tool controllers.
  • Series assembly of printed circuit cards for television.
  • Plant control systems for tunnel construction sites in Europe (eg Calais - France).
  • Professional video equipment (copying equipment).
  • Digital Panel Meters in div. To 100 mm large displays.
  • Large format LED displays.
  • Various controls for a variety of areas of mechanical engineering:
    Ultrasonic welding equipment, large-capacity air conditioners and refrigeration equipment, concrete plants, Municipal swimming pools; Environmental engineering, measurement of BOD in Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants, high-tech laser systems, non-contact measurements of high temperatures, water softening systems, dosing and conveying systems, plastics processing, cutting machines, disinfection systems, inter alia, for hospitals, Kühlmittelfüllanlagen for refrigerators (Denmark), airport lighting and control systems, textile machinery (Switzerland), laboratory measuring and testing instruments of the medical and chemical industry.