We will help you to come out on top!

Are too short to carry out a project or terminate your human resources of experienced and dedicated designers and developers?

You need a personal support to your ideas better to implement?

Your project is already well advanced, you are in the conceptual phase of a new product, you want to improve an existing or just simply need an expert to fill a technological gap, Zender Elektronik is the right choice for you.

What you get from us?

Documentation! - Zender Elektronik provides you with easily understandable and complete documentation of every step.

Modern design techniques - product design using the latest products and technologies to the best ways to offer that are available for you.

  • Longest Product Life - through longer component availability.
  • Maximum benefit - current component techniques offer the highest performance / cost ratio that has ever been achieved.
  • Lowest cost - newly introduced semiconductor devices are better and cheaper than previous generations.
  • Highest Reliability - by reducing the number of components, operating voltage and power consumption with advanced wafering technology.
  • Smallest power - Today's technology means: higher integration and low power consumption.
  • Compliance with the prescribed standards and guidelines:
  • e.g. Electronic measuring, control and laboratory devices (EN 61010)
  • e.g. Safety of electrical equipment for domestic use (EN 60335-Particular requirements for appliances for treating skin and hair (cosmetic devices) EN 60335-2-23

Money and time saving - Zender Elektronik provides you the best engineering solution in the shortest time.

Choices - You get a number of recommendations to increase your income. The consequences are lower product costs as well as functional enhancements to low additional costs.

Superior Functionality - your product reaches the highest price / performance ratio in the market through our development techniques.

Superior Quality - We develop and manufacture very carefully for a long product life. Your customers or users receive the highest quality and performance.

Professional Security - According to our initial discussions we realize whether we have the necessary experience, sure to meet your needs, or we can help you to find appropriate professionals.