Electronics production

Leading through competence and experience!

You want to manufacture printed circuit boards, assemblies, kits or complete devices ?

You need prototypes, small series or serial production?

You expect the highest quality associated with faster and more flexible delivery?

Zender Elektronik is the ideal partner for you:

  • Consulting for production-oriented design.
  • Preparation of all production documents.
  • Material acquisition and disposition of all required parts.
  • Manufacture and testing of electronic assemblies with
    highest precision and quality in THT and SMD - technology.
  • Automatic assembly of dip, axial, radial and SMD components.
  • Reflow and wave soldering with lead-free solders.
  • Automatic in-circuit and functional test with programming
    and toolmaking.
  • ISP, JTAG, EEPROM and microcontroller programming.
  • Professional processing of mechanical parts and housings
    by own processing and Zerspanungszentrum.
  • Anodizing, plating, painting, powder coating and printing by qualified long-standing partner companies.
  • Cable preparation of individual and form wires.
  • Equipment installation and cabling assemblies, racks, Electronic plug, measuring and Regelsytemen.
  • Design and construction of control systems and control cabinets.
  • 100% functional testing, insulation, high voltage and handsets examination.
  • Installation and commissioning worldwide.