Control engineering

Demanding tasks require sophisticated solutions!

You have to react quickly or their capacities are
You need controllers, switching Schanke, electric or
electronic devices for your machines and equipment?

They are mechanical and plant engineers looking for a competent
Partners for development and manufacture of your electrical system components?

You want to break new ground and seek alternative solutions
Your control, measurement and control technology?

You must save costs and require creative new proposals?

Your electrical equipment is getting old and you want to
broaden its market with new and enhanced features?

Zender Elektronik provides you with turnkey automation of machines
and equipment through system integration from a single source:

  • Consulting for production-oriented design
  • Development of advanced solutions
  • Replacement of mechanical and electrical components with intelligent electronics
  • Preparation of all production documents
  • Material acquisition and disposition of all required parts
  • Professional processing of mechanical parts and housings
    by own processing and Zerspanungszentrum
  • Anodizing, plating, painting, powder coating and printing
    by qualified long-standing partner companies
  • Cable preparation of individual and form wires
  • Equipment installation and cabling assemblies, racks,
    Electronics slots, controls and switchboards by
    Your plans and specifications
  • Design and construction of control panels, control, measurement and
    Control systems, measuring stations
  • 100% functional testing, insulation, high voltage and handsets examination
  • Installation and commissioning Worldwide