Company Profile

About us

The company Arnold Zender Elektronik is a medium-sized family-owned company in the 2nd generation. It was founded 1984 after the resignation of Mr. Zender from the MZ-Elektronik GmbH (development and production of microcomputers).  Mr. Zender was a founding member of the MZ GmbH and worked there as a managing partner since 1976.

Zender Elektronik is a very innovative and customer-oriented service companies. Our customers come from all areas of electronics, machinery, apparatus, light engineering, cosmetics and even aviation. In 1997, we have divided the company in the following areas:

  • Zender Engineering
    Consulting, project planning and design of electronic components and control systems
  • Zender Elektronik
    Control and electrical cabinets, project management; EMC - Laboratory and Quality Assurance
    Automatic assembly and electronic services in SMD and pin

40 years of experience, consistent automation and cooperation with long-standing and experienced partner companies, present ourselves as technologically and technically well-equipped manufacturing partner for the industry.

We attach great importance to "Made in Germany" and buy in Europe and not in China!

Our high-quality services that we provide to all in Germany or in the EU, have a good price / performance ratio.

We develop and manufacture not only your control, your software and apps, we also take care of details such as housing, front covers, adapter cables, injection molded parts, etc. The machining of housings, heatsinks and other parts is carried out in-house, so that we also here can are responsible for quality and delivery times.

We're specialize in high-quality technology and product implementations in small and medium series. We develop your requirements at a series production, take care of the compliance with the prescribed rules and norms, produce long-term and take over, of course, service and repair work.

We can not manufacture large series and we refuse to carry out developments that are expected to be manufactured in the Far East at starvation wages!